Friday, 14 September 2012

Converting wavpack files

I recently obtained an music album which was in a wavpack (.wv) file.

First thing I thought was what the hell is that?

Second thing was how do I get to the audio tracks?

I had these two files;


First thing to do is install some packages;

sudo apt-get install wavpack cuetools shntool libav-tools

Next thing is to split the file into discrete tracks;

cuebreakpoints CDImage.cue | shnsplit -o wv CDImage.wv

Then you simply need to convert the split file to another format.

avconv -i split-track01.wv test.flac

A simple script can be used to do multiple files;

for file in *.wv; do
    avconv -i $file $file.flac

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Bruno Arteaga said...

Thanks for the info, it was a lifesaver!