Sunday, 23 November 2008


So, I've been playing Oblivion a lot lately. What's that? A Windows game? Well, don't panic, I've been playing under Wine. It works perfectly with only the occasional crash. I've never played it under Windows so I don't know if this is usual or not but it wouldn't be the first windows game to have "issues".

Anyway, here a few tricks I've discovered.

1) Inventory woes

You don't need to play for long before you realise that you can't carry around anywhere near as much stuff as you want to and you are forced to discard stuff. This sucks.

Apparently, you can get around this by purchasing a house which is great but what about early in the game when you don't have the funds to do this? Well, what I've been doing is this;

Follow the main quest straight away until you get to the point where you have delivered the Amulet Of Kings to Jauffre. Go through the dialog and make sure you click on "Assistance". He will show you a chest full of stuff and invite you to take what you like. Well, I thought, I have some stuff that I am carrying around that I don't need right now so maybe I'll just pop that stuff in the chest. So far I've played for several hours with multiple saves and everything is still there, so I reckon that this will do as a storage facility until such a time that I can buy myself a house!

2) Invincible Meat Shield

Still on the main quest, you need to complete those up to the point where you are tasked with delivering Brother Martin to the Cloud Ruler Temple. Martin will start following you from that point. Cool, so now you can go dungeon exploring with Martin tagging along. He can't die and he will fight pretty well. You can keep this up for as long as you like I reckon as long as you don't go to the Cloud Ruler Temple.