Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I Sure Do Hate Closed Source Software

So, I am required to do some stupid online training module for work and it requires that I connect to their "online lab" using some sort of Citrix client. So I check the Citrix website and was pleased to find packages available there in a variety of formats including as a deb package. Cool! Unfortunately, given that we are talking Shitrix here, I should have been a bit more circumspect in my enthusiasm, because you see, it appears that the numbskulls at Shitrix HQ have seen fit to build their packages (as recently as Nov '13) using long obsoleted ia32 compatibility architecture, even though the package is supposedly built for the AMD64 platform. Yes, you read that right, you download the 64 bit version of the Citrix Receiver 13.0 built in Nov 2013 and it has ia32 dependencies that were removed from most Linux distribution 2 years ago. Retards. Google is awash with people who are unable to install this crapware on everything from slackware to debian because of the idiocy of whoever is in charge of the Linux ports of their craptastic products. Avoid at all costs if possible. As for me I'm going to be forced to use a Windows VM to do this stupid training junk. Thanks Shitrix!