Wednesday, 11 April 2012

TMDB Scraper Fails in XBMC

A recent update to Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) has (temporarily) broken the ability to scrape The Open Movie Database returning an error "Unable to connect to remote server"

A bug report has been lodged.

The bugged version is git20120229 compiled April 7 2012 and is currently in the XBMC PPA.

You can check your verison of XBMC on the System->System Info screen within XBMC.

The offending version is shown as;

"XBMC 11.0 Git:Unknown (Compiled : Apr 7 2012)"

You can wait for a fix to come down the pipeline, or if you are impatient (like me) you can revert to the older version.

You will need to download these files;



Next, uninstall the bugged version;

sudo apt-get remove xbmc

Now, install the previous XBMC release from the files you downloaded;

sudo dpkg -i xbmc-bin_11.0~git20120321.14feb09-0ubuntu1~ppa1~oneiric_amd64.deb 

sudo dpkg -i xbmc_11.0~git20120321.14feb09-0ubuntu1~ppa1~oneiric_all.deb

Now, you should be able to scrape TMDB without connection issues.

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