Monday, 29 August 2011

10 Reasons Why Itunes is Utterly Crap

I have an iphone 4. I like it. It is, in fact, the best damned phone I've ever owned. I have always hated Nokia phones. My Moto Razor V3 was good but the iphone is great.

Unfortunately, the iphone is saddled with itunes, making it far less attractive to me.

Here are some of the things that drive me batshit insane about itunes on Windows.

1) I have an ipod and an iphone. Stupidly, itunes cannot handle multiple devices, forcing you to use different Windows user profiles for each device as a workaround.

2) Itunes compounds that retardedness by not allowing you to have itunes open in two user profiles at the same time.

3) The latest Iphone software update is 666.6 megabytes! This is not directly a factor in itunes sucking but read on . . .

4) Despite such a ludicrous download size, you cannot pause downloads and restart them later, despite there being an option that suggests otherwise. Clicking pause immediately resets the download to 0/666 forcing you to restart from scratch.

5) Now, after four hours of downloading the update fails with nonsense "error -3259". This occurs on Windows 7 and Windows XP. Every. Single. Time.

6) Idiotically temperamental handling of a music library which resides on a network share. If the share is not up at any point all your music is "lost" until you re-add them again.

7) Itunes is incredibly resource hungry, to the point that when syncing a phone itunes becomes unusable. Making things worse is that if you happen to minimise itunes, it then stays minimised for the duration of the sync after which you cannot see the progress.

8) Itunes freaks out with large libraries. It can take literally hours figuring out what files require syncing, and that is before actually starting the sync! How are you meant to handle a 160Gb ipod when itunes freaks out at around 20Gb?

9) If you happen to combine issue 7 and 8 you start wondering whether itunes might have crashed after an hour or more of "sync in progress" on your phone and nothing but an unresponsive mess from itunes itself.

10) Stupid skin job on Windoze version to make it look like it is running on a mac. If I wanted a mac I would buy a mac. If you really want to be my friend make a (non succky) version of itunes for Linux.

God I hate itunes.

Next time around its an android phone for me, and that is purely down to the complete and utter shiteness that is itunes.

I don't have a problem with my iphone, but itunes is just fucked.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I just had a typical I-Tunes desaster myself.

Wanted to sync a small change in my contacts.

Did a backup from my I-Pad (where the contacts are located) and I-Tunes froze at around 95% of the backup.

Sure enough, the next message was an error with I-Pad sync.

So - I cancelled the action, rebooted both the I-Pad and the PC (I know, Apple is REALLY vulnerable
to broken actions with often desastrous consequences - something which is unknown in the windows world) and restarted I-Tunes.

I tunes told me again, it could not do any synchronization with the I-Pad.

-> Internet google: Apple gives you an advice to kill ITunes in such cases and reinstall ..... what the ... ????

Tried a backup - it failed 2 times. The third time, I succeeded to at least have a backup without error

So - back to my orginal intentions.

In order to synchronize a clean contacts list from the I-Pad, I cleaned my outlook contacts list.
(There were some stray contacts I wanted to lose)

Then I proceeded to synchronize the two - now I have two empty contacts folders without any prior warning.

anger anger anger anger ANGER ANGER

Ok. I still have the contacts on my I-Phone. Beware of synchronizing this one too .....

Next step - reinstall I-Pad with backup.

What does I-Tunes ? It completely reinstalls the IOS - leaving me with an empty I-Pad. No music, no apps ....

ok ?

Synchronize the apps. Import music.

ok ?

- in order to synchronize a simple list of contacts I need one full evening and a lot of emotions.

Anonymous said...

If you like the phone but hate iTunes (personally I've never had any of the performance issues you mentioned, but never mind) then you could use Winamp... I hear that it can sync most types of iPod/iPhone?

Brett said...

If I was going to ditch itunes I would got to a linux solution rather than Winamp.

Besides that, does Winamp manage iphone apps?

Can I do iOS software updates?

No? Then I am still stuck with itunes I guess.

Jamie said...

You know, there ARE alternatives to the iPhone. I have an Android 2.3.3 'phone' and I don't even have to plug it in to sync my apps, contacts or calendar.

Time to stop bitching and start making changes. You've obviously never used an Android phone before if you can say that the iPhone 4 is the best phone you've ever used. Apart from the screen, what's it got besides a lack of choice to do anything the way Apple think you should?

Anonymous said...

For Ipad Users,

Jailbreak and install XBMC.

Yes itunes is utter shit and this was my only reason to jailbreak

ANNORAWilliams said...

you have mentioned very important reasons, i agree with you. Mostly error 3259 appears. But i fixed this error after taking help from this site; error 3259

Anonymous said...

why is iTunes is so hopeless at its own library management? my library is a complete mess with exclamation marks and missing links all over the place. I use media monkey now and it never seems to miss a beat. I once had apple on the phone to help sort out the disaster and the girl I spoke to guided (or mis-guided)me into deleting what she assumed were duplicate files and they weren't ouch!...the program is absolute shite.