Sunday, 21 March 2010

VMware Server console "the connection was reset"

I wrote previously regarding an issue with logging in to the VMWare Server console using Firefox.

Well, it appears that with Firefox 3.5 a new problem has emerged. When you try and connect to the VMware Server console you get an error complaining that "the connection was reset" and suggesting that the site may be down.

To fix this, you need to modify a setting in Firefox.

In the address bar, enter "about:config"

Click past the mandatory warning message.

Enter "security.enable_ssl2" into the filter box and change the value from "false" to "true". You can do this by simply clicking on it.

Now your vmware console should be back to normal.


Chad Johnson said...

Thank you!

I've been beating my head for days trying to figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you .. it really helped.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you.

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paradise said...

it was awesome, really help, thanks a lot ^_^